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Domus Felina Information

Savannahs history

After long scientific experiments and a lot of tries to interbreed two different types of cats, it has finally been done by one cat breeder from USA. It happened in 1986. The first Savannah cat in the world was cubed by USA domestic cat paired with a wild African Feline Serval (Leptailurus Serval ).

About Savannah cats

Savannah is a very gracious cat, it has long legs, big ears, big slender body with a long neck and a rather small head.


Savannahs growth

Savannah is a wonderful, big domestic cat with a domestic cat character, and even though it has some inherited features from wild cats, but it's natural habitat is houses and people. It's new, 21th century, breed not wild cat.


Savannahs classification

The size looks and behavior of Savannah pretty much depends on the generation of Savannah and the percentage of the African Serval blood. Therefore they are classified into generations. According to what generation the cat represents, they are marked by letter F (Filial) and numbers and letters A, B, C indicating the origin of breeding.


Food and health

Highest quality cat food is used to feed Savannahs: quality canned food, fresh raw meat, also the highest quality dry food suitable for Savannahs used by some of the breeders. Under necessity this food can be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.


Savannahs prices

Savannahs are very expensive and rare because of the difficulty to nurture them and because it is one of the newest breeds in the world. The price also depends on the generation and origin of the Savannah and personal, individual characteristics.


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