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About Savannah cats

Savannah is a very gracious cat, it has long legs, big ears, big slender body with a long neck and a rather small head.

According to the standard, the color of its fur can be silver, golden and black smoke or black ground with bold, solid dark brown to black spots. Eyes have the shape of a boomerang with noticeable lachrymal canals to the face (like cheetahs'). Ears are very large with visible stripes on the other side. Overall Savannah looks like a smaller copy of serval.
The walk of Savannah is very gracious, similar to wild cats' - a bit curved back, raised shoulders, long neck and extremely long legs.
These cats have very friendly character, they are sociable, playful, and have a very dog-like character. It chooses one or two masters, always wants to be in the centre of attention, easily learns to be walked with a leash, to fetch things, it likes to travel by car with you, and also has an inherited characteristic - it likes to play with water, to bathe and to jump very high. It just loves playing with a ball and does unbelievable acrobatic jumps, when playing with a feather-stick.
Savannah is a very sociable cat, it easily becomes friends with the household, with other cats, dogs, it loves to play with children.

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